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The dekagen bourne shell script, formerly known as ripenc, is an interactive command line tool, that automates the whole process of ripping data from music compact discs (CD), the naming of the files, their converting into MP3 or Ogg-Vorbis format and the labelling of the MP3 files with an ID3 tag.

Music data is read from CD using cdda2wav, cdparanoia, dagrab, or tosha, and stored on your harddisk in wav-format. After this, the wav-data is converted into MP3 format using 8hz-mp3, bladeenc, l3enc, lame, mp3enc, or notlame, or into Ogg-Vorbis format using oggenc (included in the vorbis-tools package). To avoid manual naming and tagging for all the files, cda, which comes within the xmcd package, is used for CDDB lookups. To label the MP3 files with ID3 tags, id3ed, id3tag, id3tool, mp3info, or the built-in capabilities of some converters (lame, notlame) are used. Ogg-Vorbis files can be labelled with oggenc. Dekagen uses dialog for a nice looking user interface that is intended to be "intuitive".

Dekagen should work on all platforms that are able to provide the mentioned programs, in particular Linux, and most other flavours of UNIX, like FreeBSD. It's published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

For downloads please refer to dekagen's download page, you will find there links to both, the original code and contributed packages for package managers. Or go directly to Ibiblio to fetch the most recent version.

You may also wish to read dekagen's documentation as provided in its "readme" file, or see the program's changes log. Please make sure you read also the dekagen(1) manual page. There are also screenshots of dekagen available.

This is free Software. Please help to keep it free from software patents by supporting the FFII.